Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lunch Fly-Fishing, 11-2-2010

'Tis the season, I guess, for Crappies here. I apologize in advance for more crappie pictures...but you get to see some of what I've been catching.

Today I got a late start on lunch, but still took the hour allotted to me. That gives me 1/2 hour to fish when you cut out the driving time...more or less.

So, I hit the "HP" pond again. (This isn't really a code word, just an abbreviation. If it was a code, somebody slap me for being uncreative! :) I'd tell you exactly where it is...but most of you will never visit this area. And those who live here...well, you probably know where it is already. If not, shoot me a PM.)

The fishing (catching) started of pretty good, I caught 4 crappies (a couple in the 10"-11" range) from the first spot. With all the ducks that get fed around this pond, I always wonder exactly what the crappies think as the ducks race around over their heads...either racing towards somebody throwing stale bread...or racing away from somebody they realize ISN'T GONNA FEED THEM (me). The crappies still bite, so all is well. They are obviously very used to all the commotion.

I tried a couple other spots, and they were slower. I ended up with just 2 more crappies, but had at least one other nice one shake loose. I probably could have caught another one or two, but I was forced to waste time trying to unsuccessfully get not one but TWO flies out of a large tree behind me. Ended up having to break my line both times, and the second time I decided I should just give up for time being.
The first one I had to fish outta the tree, some folks were walking by on the sidewalk. I said,"I just caught a tree. DON'T TELL ANYBODY!" The woman smiled and said she once hooked her husband in the back of the head. I chuckled as they went on their way.

All the fish were caught on a Springbrook Wunder microjig (without the red thread for "gills").


  1. Dave
    Nice catch ----I am making a trip to Mississippi in two weeks and will try some flies that are similiar to the ones in your last post. I assume you were using a spincast to land these slabs? I will be fishing structure in about 14 ft. water temp will be in the mid 60's. ---any time someone catches crappie I notice--thanks for sharing.

  2. Bill,
    I've been using a 5wt fly rod with WFF line.
    These microjigs are very tiny...they'd be tough to cast very far, even with ultralight spinning gear, without using a bobber to add some weight to the cast.
    I have NOT been using an indicator at all.
    Good luck on your fishing trip!

  3. Dave
    You are a rare breed not many people I know catch crappie on the fly. I have got to try this when I go to Miss. I am really impressed with the flies and jigs you are using to catch these fish. What length leader are you using and what size leader. Are you just letting it fall slow and slowly moving it back to you with a slow retreive??

  4. I'm using a 9' 3x tapered leader. Mono or Fluoro will work.
    The water I've been fishing lately is a pretty flat 7' depth across the bottom, with a fairly steep rise within 10'-15' of shore. Some crappies are right near the drop, some are suspended in open water.
    ALL retrieves for crappie need to be very slow, and preferably slightly jerky or otherwise erratic.
    I get some to hit by starting my retrieve as soon as the fly hits the water (it will sink a bit), and I catch some by letting the fly sink deeper before starting the retrieve. I'll often cast to a spot and try a shallow retrieve, and if it doesn't work, I'll cast to the same spot and try the deeper retrieve.

    In a bigger lake, you'll need to determine where the fish are. Brushpiles in 5'-15' are excellent spots to fish this time of year. If you are fishing deeper, you can add some tippet to get the flies deeper, and go up in weight so they sink faster. And lastly, you can use an indicator to set your depth and allow a microjig to be worked deepest and slowest.