Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lunchtime Fly Fishing Report 11-17-2010

I fly-fished during lunch once again today at a local public pond. Weather is cloudy, 42 degrees, 11mph wind. COLD when you are dressed in office attire with no gloves or long underwear! At least I had a zip-up hooded Carhartt jacket to put on over my fleece jacket.

I used a blue-n-chartreuse microjig. Didn't bother with an indicator. Action was...ok.  I landed 11 crappies in 1/2 hour.

I took a couple pics this time, since although I've been catching fish lately, I hadn't taken any pictures.
This one...this is again why they are nicknamed "Papermouths". You can see individual marabou strands THROUGH the skin!

It was cloudy, but the colors of a crappie are still beautiful, if somewhat subtle.


  1. Dave
    Chartruse is always a good color no matter what season. My trip to Miss. was slow and we were fishing the back side of cold fronts--anything with red in it would get some aciton, Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm glad you caught some good fish, Bill!