Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shore-Fishing - 8/25/2010

I thought about trying to fish from shore at the local reservoir last night.  My buddy Jay had mentioned the high water levels had finally dropped enough that you could actually FISH from shore at last!  After work, I called him up to see if he wanted to go.  He was already there.  He said the biting flies were HORRIBLE.  So, I grabbed a can of OFF for him, put on some jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, and headed for the lake.

By the time I got there, Jay had already caught Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, and Walleye.  He was having good success with both a #3 Mepps spinner, and a TNT slab spoon.  I switched between the Mepps and a Pop-R topwater lure.  Both caught fish.  Lost a few nice Largemouth Bass, but ended up landing a few, plus a Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, a little Walleye, and a YELLOW BASS!

Here's some pics from our evening of fishing:
Smallmouth Bass:

Largemouth Bass:

Jay's Walleye was quite a bit bigger than mine!

And the Yellow Bass...we usually only catch maybe one of these each year from this reservoir:

The White Bass I caught were all less than 12", so I didn't take any pictures of them.
It was a very fun night.  And fish hitting on topwaters is always exciting!

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