Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend pics - mid July 2010

A nice Hybrid Sunfish caught on my fly rod.






Another wasp...

Center of a Sunflower.

Turkey Vultures


  1. Love the lightning pic, the hardest part about being gone from Iowa for a month was missing the storms. On an opposite note, any locusts out yet? Those bugs really stood out to me when I first moved to Iowa since I had not heard them before.

  2. I don't know that I've seen any cicadas (they are not actually locusts, which are large grasshoppers...but many people around here do still call them locusts) yet, but I have heard a couple just recently, so they are starting to come out! They are cool BIG bugs!

  3. Dragonfly would be an awesome fly for bass.

  4. So the pulsating sounds in the trees are cicadas? When I fish the Green River in June I often throw Cicada patterns then so I know their appearance but I never really heard the sound they make. I found a big locust looking insect (maybe just a big old green grasshopper) in a tree last year and thought it was the culprit making the noise, guess I was wrong. Some years on the Green River the cicadas really come out full force and supposedly the fishing can be insane.

  5. Ben, Katydids are big leaf-green grasshopper-looking things, and they can make lots of noise in the trees too.
    Cicadas are about the size of your thumb, maybe bigger...big, wide, round insects...with clear wings. They don't eat, so they don't actually have a mouth that functions. They can't bite at all. They make a TON of noise.