Friday, April 9, 2010

Lunch Report 4-9-2010

I fly-fished a local pond today during my lunch hour. Nice day! Sunny, 65F, 12mph winds...

I started off knowing I was doing everything WRONG. I fished the UPWIND side of the pond. And I've heard "use bright lures/flies on bright days, dark on dark/cloudy days". Well, I fished dark flies...starting off with a Modern Thief fly pattern much like this one:
Modern Thief fly pattern
...only I tied mine without weight, and the hook-point down.

I had a good hit on that, but didn't get the hook to stick in the fish. I made a few more casts, then switched to a dark brown-colored mohair leech.

I ended up catching 3 bluegills and a "baby" crappie. I also saw several other fish take swipes or hit it without getting hooked.

Here's a nice gal 'gill:

And then a good bull:

And here's the smallest crappie I've ever seen/caught from this particular pond...good to see a new year-class coming up!

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