Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch Report 4-22-2010

Beautiful day today.  Had a little rain yesterday, and it cooled down considerably overnight.  Today warmed up into the low 70's, just a light breeze, mostly sunny.
So I headed to a local public pond to fly-fish during lunch.

I started walking along the shore, and started seeing fish, mainly tiny (3"-4") baby bass.  The shallows were loaded with them?  Also saw some catchable-sized bluegills, and even a crappie or two.  I caught one bluegill on a #10 or #12 midge pattern.  It was hard to see in the water, so I switched to a #8 mohair leech, and caught a couple more bluegills.  Decided to try a a small Gurgler or Gurgle-Pop.  Caught 2 or 3 bluegills on that, then switched back to the mohair leech, and caught another 1 or 2 bluegills.  They were mostly good sized fish, with several in the 8"-9" range, and colorful!  They appear to be starting to build nests.  The crappies were also guarding nests near small rock piles.

Here's some of the colorful bluegills (click the pictures for a larger-size image):

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