Monday, March 29, 2010

March 27 & 28, 2010 - Fly-Fishing central Iowa

Public Pond in Ankeny
Saturday 3-27-10
Fish sought: Crappies
Fish caught: 28 Crappies (pretty much all 10" or less), 1 LMB (17.5")
Used: fly rod, "crappie candy" fly

Caught 1 or 2 crappie fairly quickly, but then walked around much of the pond looking for more active fish. FINALLY found some, and it was a lot of fun after that. Eventually they quit hitting...or I'd caught most of the fish. :laughing7:
The bass hit near the end, and it was an excellent battle. Very healthy-looking fish!

I "broke in" the custom fly rod I'd bought over the winter, and it really worked great. Steve from Midwest Custom Rods really made a winner with this one. Thanks Steve!

The fish were a bit deeper, and I was using a WFF what worked well was to cast out to the deeper water, let the fly drop for at least 10 seconds, then make a series of short strips, then let the fly settle again. Most of the hits came when the fly was practically just sitting there, or sinking slowly. I really had to watch my line to detect the strikes...when the wind riffled the surface, it was really tough to see what was going on.

Public Pond in Urbandale
Sunday 3-28-10
1:50pm - 3:00pm
Fish sought: bluegills
Fish caught: 4 Crappies (pretty much all 9" or less), 5 bluegills (7.5" or less), 2 LMB (12" or less), 1 hybrid sunfish (6")
Used: fly rod, "crappie candy" fly

Didn't take any pictures. Fished several areas, only really found fish in a couple small pockets just off the first drop-off.

It was windy, but still a nice sunny day to be out!

The crappie candy's worked so well, I had to tie up a few more:

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