Monday, January 18, 2010

Banner PitsDate: 1-14-2010Time
Fished: 12:45-4:00pm
Fish sought: trout
Fish caught: 45 rainbow trout

Left work at 11am, went home to dust off my ice-fishing gear (I hadn't been out yet this ice fact not since Nov. 24!), and then headed down to Banner Pits. The DNR stocking truck was still there, but the stocking was already completed.

I spotted a small opening near shore amongst the many that got there before I did. I asked the anglers on either side if they minded if I drilled a hole there, and they gave me the green light.

I still had a Cicada blade bait tied on from last year, and I was too lazy to try anything else. I took some maggots with me, but never bothered to use them.

The fish were hitting fairly well for the first hour, then it slowed down considerably as the trout started to disperse. I started off about 10' from shore. When that bit slowed down, I drilled a hole 2' closer to shore and caught more fish. When that slowed, I went another 2 feet closer to shore. Caught more fish. Drilled one more hole about 3'-4' from shore, and caught more fish before I needed to leave.

A good number of folks stopped by to see what I was using, since I seemed to be doing much better than everyone else. Probably all the fish were caught less than 3' beneath the ice.

There were some folks next to me that brought their 4-yr old son. He was energetic, sharp, and competitive! I had fun bantering with him. We were giving fish names...I told him I was just catching the same fish over and over...because it was my pet fish "Rob" I had brought to the lake so it could get some exercise. He named his "boy" fish Dorothy and Sally...

What's a report without pics?This was probably the biggest one I caught. I didn't measure, but I'd guess it was close to 15":

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