Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Variety on Flies!

Its been said that "if a fish eats, you can catch it on a fly rod!" There's still a few elusive fish locally I haven't been able to fool...yet. But that's one thing that keeps my trying! The challenge of fooling a new species on the fly rod!

Many people associate flyfishing with trout. But here in the central midwest, there's an abundance of warmwater species that can be a LOT of fun to catch on fly-fishing gear.

Largemouth bass:


Hybrid Sunfish:


Channel Catfish:

White Bass:


And even some of the exotic species that can be found around Miami, Florida...like Peacock Bass, Oscars, Mayan Cichlids, and Spotted Tilapia:

And there's more, too! I've also caught smallmouth bass and wipers (hybrids) on flies. I'm hoping to add gar and grass carp soon!

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