Friday, July 17, 2009

Saylorville Lake 7-14-09

I went out fishing at Saylorville (on foot) on 7-14-09. A bit breezy, but in a good way.

Chucked a #3 Mepps spinner all night. Actually caught some fish, so that was good, and some were actually decent fish...which was a big BONUS! Ended up with 3 channel catfish (yeah, on lures...they were hitting HARD, and I missed probably 1/2 dozen others!) up to 22" long, 2 small white bass, and 1 hybrid "wiper".

Here's the first catfish:

And the first "wiper":

This was the 2nd white bass of the evening:

2nd catfish...I measured this one at 19"

And below is the 3rd catfish of the night, 22". The fish kinda looks gross here, but its just covered with some foam and sand that I dragged it through while landing it. Really nice fish, the cats were all fat & healthy-looking.

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