Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Half of May 2017

Haven't blogged in awhile.  I've had plenty of observations while flyfishing, but nothing consistent or particularly noteworthy.

I have had plenty of interesting wildlife encounters at the local urban public ponds.  Muskrats are fairly common, and I've seen plenty.  But I actually saw a BEAVER at one of the ponds, which is UNHEARD of.  Very cool!  Plenty of adult and baby ducks and geese.  Mink.  A pair of martins were chasing each other and just missed hitting my legs by INCHES as I stood on the shoreline flyfishing. Osprey.  Some blackbird (or Purple Grackle) chicks on our front porch (from their Momma's point of view!):

I was flyfishing a very popular pond with a much-used walking trail around it, when a couple walking on the other side of the pond shouted across asking if THAT was my dog.  I looked down the shoreline on my side, and saw a canine slow sauntering along away from me.  I said NO!  That's a FOX!   We all watched for awhile.  When the couple made their way to my side of the pond, they stopped and said when they first saw the fox, it was sitting in the grass 2 feet behind me while I was fishing!    Very cool! I would have given it a fish to eat if I'd known!

Turtles.  One pond has a very high population of really big Trapdoor Snails.

I had an encounter with a Northern Watersnake.  I had seen it right in front of me in the water at one point, it appeared to be searching along the shoreline for frogs.  It eventually disappeared.  I was bringing in a bluegill I'd hooked, and before I could get it to shore, the snake swam out and tried to grab it!  Well, I got my iPhone out of my pocket and started taking video while I toyed with the snake.  Well, after realizing I hadn't actually STARTED the video and missed some great footage, the snake lost interest and got lost in some algae along the shoreline.  I finally got the video started and started splashing the bluegill on the water, and sure enough, that snake came back out and attacked the bluegill some more.  Anyway...here's some screen captures from the video:

I actually don't mind snakes at all, especially non-venomous ones.  I don't like spiders, though.
Goose eggs and nests (now that most of the chicks have hatched out).


The BIGGEST fishing story lately was I finally...FINALLY hooked another Grass Carp in the mouth.  I was SO EXCITED!  I fought it for what seemed like at least 10 minutes...even walked it down to the opposite end of the pond to land it....but in trying to horse it closer to shore, I eventually pulled the hook out.  I was SO BUMMED!  It was a really nice one...I'm guessing it would have weighed over 20 lbs.
So... no picture of that one.  But I do have lots of other pictures.  LOTS.  I will just try to pick some of the better ones, or compilation pictures.  I've been catching quite a few Hybrid Sunfish lately...really nice ones.  And some nice Pumpkinseed Sunfish.  Plenty of crappies but nothing especially large.  There have been some good bluegills, too, but nothing REALLY big.  Similarly, I've caught a lot of bass, but none over 16".

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