Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flyfished During Lunch Hour, 11-14-2013

The wind dropped off a little, and the temperature warmed back up into the upper 40's (F) by lunchtime...a welcome warm-up after the last few day's cold and wind.

I went flyfishing, and discovered 2 things...
The turtles are still out.  I saw a Snapping Turtle and caught this Painted Turtle:

And the second thing was...the Crappies are still hitting.  I landed 4 and lost a 5th.
The crappies hit a red & chartreuse 1/80th oz microjig set about 24" below an indicator.


  1. Thanks for sharing. That is an awesome looking Turtle. Don't know that I have ever seen one of that type. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic colors on that turtle--it is a shame you didn't have time to dress those crappie, they are the Cadillac of warm water fish when it comes to good eats--thanks for sharing