Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NE Iowa Trout Streams, 8-15-2017

After targeting Smallmouth Bass yesterday, we decided to flyfish two trout streams today.  One we had been to before, and one we had not.  We visited the new-to-us stream first.  It was a small stream with wild, naturally-reproducing Brown Trout.

I caught a dozen Brown Trout on beadhead patterns.  I also saw a BIG brown that was excitedly checking out the fly, but it was so big it was having a tough time manuevering in the narrow channel it was in, and once I lifted my fly to drift it down that section again, the trout disappeared and I never saw it again.

Wear long pants or waders to these streams, even if you aren't wading.  There were lots of tall weeds and lots of poison ivy, wild parsnip, and nettles.

This was probably the biggest one I landed.  Not too big, but they sure are pretty!

Next, we visited a creek we'd fished before.  I was totally different.  I appeared a deluge had wiped away much of the creek banks, leaving steep cut banks and wide, shallow, rocky runs.  We hit some pools, but I caught most of my fish in areas with more flowing water.  We caught Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Creek Chubs, Rock Bass, Striped Shiners, Hornyhead Chub, and a surprise Bluegill.
Jay shooting the fly.

Rainbow Trout:

Smallmouth Bass:

Rock Bass:

Hornyhead Chub (a new flyrod species for me):

Striped Shiners:

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