Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lunchtime Report 7-18-2017

Got to a pond during my lunch hour.  The end I start at was pretty much devoid of visible fish or even bubble trails.  Fished for a bit there anyway, then went to the opposite side of the pond.  Saw some bass.  Had a strike or two, but didn't hook them.  Caught 5-6 Bluegills, then started looking for bigger fish.

Cast to some "carp bubbles"....a catfish intercepted the fly on the drop.  16":
Looks happy to play:

Saw a few bubbles closer to the outside edge of the weedline.   Cast into that area, set the hook into a heavier fish I thought was gonna be a carp, but ended up being the biggest catfish I've seen in this pond so far.... 22":

It was 'bout time to head back to work...finally saw a few mud clouds and bubble trails on the far side of the bay....made some casts.  The line finally jumped, I set the hook and was into a good fish.  25" Carp!

I didn't have high expectations when I went fishing during lunch today....I was pleased to even get some bluegills.  The cats and carp were welcome bonuses!


  1. I would surely say so! Whiskers and Carp..........Faces only a mother could love.

    1. I grew up fishing for catfish and carp with my dad. Catching them on flies is so much more fun than baitfishing was back then...Catching them as predators instead of scavengers. The average length for these 3 fish is 21". That's a pretty good lunch fishing outing around here! :) If these were bass or trout, folks would be ecstatic! But fish are fish (and I like 'em all), and these are great fighters!