Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Last Week of February, 2017

Still seems crazy that we even have OPEN WATER right now.  It has cooled of a bit since our week of unseasonably warm weather....but we've still had some warm days and cooler days.

I flyfished on Monday during my lunch hour.  The previous week I was catching lots of crappies, but this cooler week, I didn't catch any crappies at all.  Just a couple bluegills and a 9.5" Hybrid Sunfish:
Then I flyfished again that evening, for about an hour before it got too dark.  Caught a few more bluegills from a different pond, and a Pumpkinseed Sunfish:
On Tuesday, temps hit @ 60 around noon, but then started cooling off into the low 50's a couple hours later after the wind shifted to out of the north.  I started fishing around 2:30pm.  My buddy Jay caught a couple crappies, but I couldn't get any decent strikes.  I put on a bass fly I call the Jerkbait Fly, because its foam underbody allows to nearly suspend high in the water column.  I've tied it in various colors.  Here's some I tied last night:
I ended up catching 3 bass and missing 3 others.  Biggest was a beautiful 20"!

Here's the smaller ones:


  1. I cry "Foul", Dave. You are having too much fun! Nice Bass and good size Sunnies' too. Interesting thought process on suspended flies with foam.

    1. The adrenaline sure kicked in when the big one attacked the fly!
      The foam underbody is kind of a cool thing. It adds bulk which helps the fly push water, but helps the fly suspend rather than sink. And sheet foam comes in many colors.

  2. Get after the grassies Dave! I'm going scouting for them today. Earliest ever!

    Dave C.

  3. Good luck, Dave! I love chasing them, even though my success rate is ultra-low. So far, I haven't seen any. I think the water is too cold here yet, and this coming weekend and next week are supposed to only have high temps in the 30's.