Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Darned Paparazzi!

They never leave a guy in peace!  There I am…just a guy minding his own business and icefishing….and I end up on the Des Moines Register website AND the Channel 5 ABC NEWS broadcast! ;o)
At least, in the times we are living in, I can appreciate being in the news for something that isn’t BAD!

So, actually, I was helping out at an ice fishing event at the DMACC Pond in Ankeny on Sunday.  The Ankeny Optimist club and DNR hosted the event, and Central Iowa Anglers helped.  The purpose of the event was to get folks of all ages, who hadn’t tried icefishing or wanted to learn more about it, out on the ice and show them how to do it.  There was a good turnout.  Had folks from as far away as Ames, Altoona and Waukee show up.  Lots of kids.  Seemed everyone caught at least one fish, and nobody fell through the ice.

Here’s a link to more photos from the event on the Des Moines Register website, and a screen capture of the best picture (right?):

Here’s the link to the Channel 5 news video that they broadcast on Sunday at 5:30pm…and a screen capture from their website:


  1. Nice Bass, Dave, for sure. Way to lead by example!

    1. Oh, hey, wanted to ask you a question. I am sure you have probably written about this somewhere. What are your most favorite colors for the Boa Leech?

    2. Mel,
      By far, yellow is my favorite color of boa yarn leech, tied on a #8 2xl nymph hook. Black and then white are further down the list. :)
      Yellow can be a tough color to find in boa yarn. If you find some, GRAB IT. :) Wei Wei brand yarn had the perfect bright yellow color. Not sure if they still make it or not. I've found some other brand that has more of a gold/yellow or orange-yellow that works, but not as well as that nice bright yellow. Lion brand yarn may have had a "Tweety Bird"(?) color that had reds, yellows, and orange in it. The yellow parts of that are the GOOD color of yellow.

    3. Thanks, Dave, I will look for yellow the next time I go to the store. I have seen a Brown, White, Purple, and, Gray I believe. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Oh yeah! Grey is a pretty good color as well. That's what I caught that 41.5" Grass Carp on. Tied sparsely, it looks like a small minnow in the water.