Monday, June 6, 2016

End of May-First week of June, 2016

Pond fishing is slowing down as crappies, bluegills, bass, etc, spawn and head out of the shallows.  Algae and weed growth is hitting the point where fishing is difficult.  But I've caught some decent fish lately.

Jumbo 9.5" Pumpkinseed (one pic above and one pic below)!
Below is a single yellow chick amongst all the regular-colored mallard chicks.
Here's a very Pumpkinseed-looking Hybrid Sunfish:
Have caught some nice bluegills...some females, but mostly males:

I've caught a lot of little bass, a few medium-sized ones (13"-16") big ones, but I have seen them.

I thought this was interesting.... I was flyfishing with a grayish boa yarn leech.  A fish broke my line on the hookset (bad line, NOT a big fish) then jumped out of the water trying to throw the fly, so I got to see it.  I tied on a yellow boa yarn leech and continued fishing.  About 10 minutes later, I caught the same bass and got my original fly back!

And...because I just can't get enough Pumpkinseed pictures...

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