Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March-early April 2016

Well...I haven't posted in nearly a month!
I've been busy...took a Spring Break trip to Palm Springs and Los Angles with my wife and teenage kids.  Flew to Arizona and drove back to Iowa with my Mom and her dog.

But I've been fishing as well.  Our waters here aren't warming up much.  They are probably in the upper 40's.  Weather here has been variable.  One day the high temperature was 40 degrees, the next day it was 80 degrees, and then the third day was back in the low 50's.

I've been flyfishing the local public ponds.  Some days they are good, some days not so much.  I can usually manage to fool at least some fish.

My top producer has been a chartreuse 1/80th oz microjig under an indicator.  Other flies that have produces well are an unweighted black mohair leech, and an unweighted chartreuse mylar chenille bugger (no hackle).  I had a BIG bass take a large popper, but it shook free near shore.  I also caught a couple bass on a chartreuse craft fur baitfish pattern.  Each time it happens, I think its a fluke....and its happened 3 times already this season: I've caught 3 large bass on that little microjig!  The first (in a previous post here) was 18.75", the second was 18.5", and the third was 20"!
This is the 18.5-incher (it was sorta skinny):

And this is the 20-incher (nice deep-bodied fish):

Two guys I've flyfished with have caught 9"+ Pumpkinseeds so far.  My biggest has been 8.5".  Nice fish!

I also got into some really nice STRONG Bluegills one day...They were chunky 8"+ fish....which (sadly) is pretty nice for around here.

I've also caught some crappies...nothing over 11", however.

Caught some Hybrid Sunfish:

And reached down into some shallow water to introduce this Crayfish to my camera-phone:
The better fishing is still to come!

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