Monday, April 27, 2015

Same Fish, 2nd Time This Year

If you take a gal out for a 2nd call it a date, right?  Well....I took this lovely lady out (of the pond) for the second time already this year, so I guess we are dating!
And just like last time, she attacked a Bluegill I was bringing in on my fly rod.  Only, this time when I landed her, the bluegill was nowhere to be seen...did she eat it already?  My microjig hook was stuck in her nose.  What she won't do, just to see me again?  :)

So anyway, it was a pretty fun day of flyfishing with my buddy Jay.  At one point, we presented flies to some huge Common Carp and Grass big, they looked like pods of manatees swimming around!  One particularly large Grassie looked to be 12" across the back, and one particularly large Common looked to be full of eggs....large head and super-deep bodied!  Unfortunately, we didn't catch any of them.  I thought I had one strike, but ended up hooking one of the big Grassies in the tail!  We battled for several minutes, with the fish porpoising out of the water several times, before I managed to pull the hook out before I could land it.

While trying for the grass carp, I caught a big 9" Hybrid Sunfish:

I also caught a couple crappies, a bunch of bluegills, and a couple beautiful Pumpkinseed Sunfish:

I finally field-tested a new Firetiger-colored streamer I'd created.  It worked!

Here's what they looked like before they get wet/eaten:

Another great day of flyfishing!


  1. You're making me want to head out to my nearest farm pond and try for some largemouth Dave! Looks like a great day...

  2. Farm ponds could be even better! Usually a LOT less fishing pressure! :) If you know of some farm ponds....definitely go try 'em! :)

  3. Dave
    It's just a shame I don't live out that way, because if I did you would have some company on those ponds. One brute of a female bass, had she already spawned? Thanks for sharing

  4. Flyfishermen are good company, Bill! :)
    I would say she has NOT spawned yet. She's a really heavy, deep-bodied fish...not surprising with the way she gulps these bluegills! Water temps here are probably approaching 60. Some males seem to be scoping out nesting spots, but the actual spawn hasn't happened yet.