Friday, August 15, 2014

White Bass Flies

I'm STILL enjoying trying to find some good & easy shad/baitfish-imitating fly patterns I can use for White Bass & Wipers.
Here's some stuff I've tied in the past week or so:
In the photo below, the top fly is a Silver Baitfish, and the bottom fly is a Bowen's Baitfish.

And in the photo below....the the top fly is very similar to a number of craft fur baitfish flies, but not exactly like any of I can't give an exact name for it.  The head was created by putting the craft fur in a dubbing loop, however.  The middle fly is my attempt at Casey Smartt's Glass Minnow.  And the bottom fly is also not named.  Congo Hair tail, craft fur body/head covered with a few wraps of Wapsi Palmer Chenille.
Overall lengths of these are generally 2.5" - 3".  I hope the fish love 'em!  :)


  1. Hello, Dave. Thanks for sharing your pattern thought with us. Surely, something in that selection should do the job. Let us know how the battle turns out!

  2. I think the first, the silver baitfish is my favorite.

  3. Nice creations. I like the 1st also but that's probably not a good thing...I have terrible fish sense. Interested to hear how they do.