Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flyfishing Late Afternoon, 5-25-2014

I got out to flyfish for a couple hours on Sunday late afternoon, before a storm with lightning blew in.

I caught at least 20 Bluegills, 6 Crappies, 8 Pumpkinseed Sunfish, and 3 Largemouth Bass.
I caught fish on chartreuse Woolly Buggers, Chartreuse Microjigs under an indicator, and silver Springbrook Wunders under an indicator.
I love how colorful the Pumpkinseeds are, so I mainly just took pictures of them.

This Bluegill had an unusually dark belly and pelvic fins:

Here's a Pumpkinseed guarding a nest:


  1. Hey, Dave, Chartreuse is the color! I am on it. Those are not only colorful Pumpkin Seeds, but, they are on the chubby side, too.

  2. Like Lefty Kreh says, "If it aint chartreuse, it ain't no use!" Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth) LOVE chartreuse. Crappies LOVE chartreuse. Pumpkinseeds LOVE chartreuse. White Bass and Wipers like it too. Bluegills...will hit it, but often other colors seem to work better for them. Try it on your local fish and see what they think. :) No matter what I think or say....as John Scott says, "The fish are always right!"

  3. Dave
    We called the Pumpkin Seed down south sunfish--they are my favorite when it comes to color

    1. I totally agree, Bill, they are beautiful! Now, to be fair...I have seen some pictures of Orangespotted Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, and Longear Sunfish that are really beautiful, too, but unfortunateIy I rarely if ever see those in the waters around my area.