Friday, May 9, 2014

Flyfishing 5/7 and 5/8/2014

Wednesday evening I had an hour to kill, so I visited the WDM DMACC pond.  I caught 13 Crappies, averaged 9-10", 2 Largemouth Bass, and 7 Bluegills of assorted sizes.  There were 5 other anglers there using spinning gear.  4 of them were there together as a group.  I think they caught 3 fish between them.  They were loud and competitive (I remember those fun days!), so I could hear when they caught a fish.  The other solo angler did catch a few fish, and maybe even more but I wasn't watching him too closely.
I didn't take any pictures.

After spending the day on Thursday on the White Bass Quest, I felt the need to grab the fly rod and catch more fish.  I visited a local public pond.  It was much slower fishing than my previous 2 trips to the pond earlier in the week.  Somebody else here on CIA also mentioned the slow fishing on it wasn't just me!  :)
I ended up catching 2 Crappies (one I recognized from my last trip here), 2 Largemouth Bass, and 8 Bluegills.

And then I got drenched by the downpour before I could run back to my car.  Once I finally got there, soaking wet, the rain stopped and the sun came back out.  I went home anyway.
Before the storm:

After the storm:

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  1. Other than getting wet, still some nice fishing for the amount of time on the water. Thanks for sharing your posts as my fishing trips have been a little scare so far this year.