Friday, May 16, 2014

Fishin' in the Rain, 5-15-2014

I flyfished for 1.25 hours on the evening of 5-51-2014.  It briefly rained on me, but it wasn't heavy or long enough to discourage me from fishing.

Do you have one of those places that you fish where one day it will be really good fishing, and the next trip will be just horrible, and you wonder where all the fish went?  I was fishing at one of those places last night, and my PREVIOUS trip there was the good one.

I caught a decent number of crappies that time.  This trip, I couldn't buy a single one.  There were female crappies moving into shore that evening, full of eggs.  I expected some to still be around.  We've had nothing but colder weather since then, so perhaps that has put them off?

I caught 3 bass (which was unusual...normally I don't catch any there), before deciding to try a smaller neighboring pond that has a few bluegills in it.  Good choice, as it turned out.  I caught at least one more bass there, and at least 11 bluegills, many of which were decent-sized.  There was a mix of males, still developing their spawning coloration, and females with bellies getting fat with eggs.

The fish all hit a 1/80th oz microjig about 20" below a strike indicator.


  1. You always seem to do quite well when fishing with your microjig setup. I would like a little more information on it, Dave, when you get the time.

  2. I concur with Mel, I attempted emulating your style but just haven't had much luck doing it, perhaps a little more info would help. Such as depth, movement so forth. Thanks Dave.