Friday, October 4, 2013


I figured it would happen eventually.  I was fishing with a topwater  plug last night for White Bass at Saylorville Lake.  I caught a Wiper, and about 6 White Bass in about an hour before it got too dark.

I had 3 seagulls attack my topwater plug.  I managed to keep it away from the first two, but the 3rd one was quicker than I gave him credit for.  Fortunately, he just had one hook in his beak.

I always pictured a seagull taking the lure, and trying to fly away with it...followed by an absolute mayhem of snapping beak, flapping wings, flying feathers, screeching calls.... Instead, it was actually pretty calm.  I reeled the seagull in, and it just sat on the water right next to me (I was wading) while I took its picture, and got the pliers out and removed the hook.  Then it flew away.

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  1. Hopefully, it is a live and learn proposition for the Seagulls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha, I would have not imagined the result and have always sided with you on what I thought would have happened. Glad you were able to take care of it. Up north I always worry about a Loon taking a lure while diving for fish.

  3. I caught a loon in Alaska on bait (or, it took a small fish on my bailt,) when I used to use conventional tackle. Was a hard fight with the hook swallowed, I cut it off and wished it the best. Since then ducks and geese have been fouled as they swam around bread flies cast to carp. THAT is commotion! Passerbys don't approve.