Thursday, June 6, 2013

Late Start 2013

Maybe we got "spoiled" last year (in 2012)...when it warmed up fast in March and stayed warm all through summer.  This year is completely different.  Here it is first week of June and we still can't seem to warm up into the 70's!  Fish spawning has been very delayed.  Crappies are sitting on nests in some of the local ponds.

In ponds that have decent bluegill populations, there are more crappies on nests than bluegills right now.  In others, the male bluegills are starting to defend nests, but the females are still HUGE with eggs.  They have not spawned yet.

EXTREMELY late start for this year's spawning seasons!

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  1. Nice. My favorite pond has had some horrible algae blooms and a lot of nasty run off from road construction. I haven't been able to fish it for about 3 years. I hope it recovers.