Thursday, May 23, 2013

Late Spring Musings, 2013

I've been catching fish lately, but nothing really blog-worthy.  (Dave, NONE of your previous report were blog-worthy either!).  Touche.  Well, stop reading right now, then....because this post will likely only be interesting to me.  Consider yourself warned.  :)

As I've written numerous times, I keep an electronic Fishing Log each year.  Each year I have a personal goal of catching 1,000 fish.  Since I started flyfishing, that goal has gotten much easier to reach.  In fact I've not yet FAILED to reach it since starting to flyfish.

This past Sunday (May 19, 2013), I beat the 1,000 fish mark for the year.  I checked my previous fishing logs to see if this was the fastest I've reached 1,000 fish.  Nope.  That honor goes to last year, when I reached 1,000 fish on May 9, 2012...10 days earlier.

Well, comparing years is interesting to me.  You see, in 2012 we had a very early and very warm Spring.  I ice-fished into late February, and then within 6 days of my last ice-fishing trip, I was flyfishing open water on February 25.  In February and March combined, I fished 52 times!

2013 has been very different from that.  A very cool Spring with bad ice that stayed on the lakes much longer than last year.  We had a good snowfall in May!  In fact, I only fished a total of 5 times total in February and March, and between my last ice-fishing trip in early February, I didn't fish at all for 51 days.  I finally got to flyfish open water on March 27...over a month later than last year!  So, only being behind last year's fish-caught numbers by 10 days seems pretty good to me.  :)

And so far this year I've caught 13 different fish species (12 on fly gear), including 2 new species on fly gear (for me)...Pumpkinseed Sunfish and Bigmouth Buffalo.

So, all in all, its been a pretty decent year for fishing so far.

What's a blog post without pictures??
In the past week, we had 2 consecutive evenings with Tornado WARNINGS in our town.  So, in honor of's a picture I took on each of those days while fishing:

But....this IS a (mainly) Fishing Blog, so here's a couple fish from late last week...a big 9" Green Sunfish, and a 12" Black Crappie sporting spawning colors:


  1. Congrats Dave, thats no small feat! I always am impressed by your fishing aptitude! Did I miss the bigmouth buffalo post? When was that I would love to read that one. I know that had been a goal for a while.

    1. Thanks! The Bigmouth Buffalo post is back about 3 entries before this one. It is the report that starts out with Wiper pictures, if that helps?

  2. Love those green sunfish, almost tropical looking. Will always wish someone here thoght it a sunfish worth stocking. I understand they are in very selected waters by happenstance, none near me.


  3. Hey Dave, good job! I want to try to eat a greenie this year. Been having lunch-break success finally! Check it out.

    1. I just read your blog post...Good job, Anthony! Glad you've got some good fishing nearby for some LUNCHTIME outings!! :)