Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lunchtime Flyfishing Report, 4/25/2013

Conditions:  Sunny, 55 degrees F, 10mph wind from the West.

I didn’t get out of the office until about 12:15, which shortened my fishing time.  I arrived at this particular public pond, and a lawncare crew was just finishing up mowing/trimming.  I finished eating my meager lunch while they packed up their equipment and left.  Grass clippings on the pond maybe?  I thought…HMMMM, MAYBE THE GRASS CARP WILL SHOW THEMSELVES!

Maybe.  Something big swirled/rolled/took off from the same spot 2-3 times.  Within casting distance.  But I couldn’t see the fish.  I did, however, see a large white GOLDFISH.  It was sort of hanging around, so I put on something tiny and goofed around half the remaining time trying to get it to strike.  I couldn’t see it clearly enough to make out which was the head end…I could just see a murky “white spot” that would move around the area, then stop for awhile.  But I knew what it was.   At any rate…no detectable strikes from the goldfish.  I WANT TO CATCH ONE OF THOSE ON A FLY!!!

It was really weird…I didn’t catch a single bluegill, although I’m certain there were a few around.  All I caught was 3 decent Crappies, 2 were probably in the 10”-11” range, and all fought EXCELLENT, which you don’t often expect from a crappie.

Here are pictures of 2 of the crappies.  They had nice bellies on them!

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