Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Addendum..Another Catfish!

After catching a couple catfish on flies yesterday during lunch (see previous blog entry), I had some time in the evening to kill while waiting for my kids to finish their extra-curricular activities.  So, I flyfished a public pond in a town @ 20 miles from home, from about 6:50pm to 8:20pm.

The weather was cold (@44 degrees F), breezy, cloudy, and rain drizzled periodically.  Because the bluegills and crappies still seem to be hitting light, I used a microjig under an indicator.  I ended up landing at least 18 Bluegills, 2 Crappies, 1 Largemouth Bass, 1 Hybrid Sunfish, and 1 Channel Catfish.  The catfish was a big surprise, I'd never caught one in this pond before.  And it was a DANDY!  I measured it at 28.5" long.  According to data provided by the State of Pennsylvania, that lenght approximately correlates to a weight of 11.2 pounds.

The catfish was a GREAT fight.  Fortunately I had confidence in my line/rod/reel.  The weak link was the microjig.  It has a small, thin-wire hook than can straighten out under pressure.  I was afraid to put too much pressure on the fish because of that hook.  Big fish hate being in shallow water, so every time I'd get the fish near shore, it tried to run back for deeper water.  The hook was in the soft but tough corner of the mouth, which is the perfect spot, and allowed me to turn the catfish's head when it ran.  Once I got it into the shallows, I had to step into the clammy cold water to grab the fish.  Man, that is exciting stuff!  :)

Wouldn't you just know that the catfish layed nice and still on the ground while I measured it, but while I was digging out my camera, it decided to do some barrel rolls on the ground, tangling it in the line and covering itself with debris.


  1. Nice cat! Amazing that you landed that beats on a dinky microjig. Well done, sir.

  2. Beast... sorry for the typo.

  3. If I caught that fish, I'd be done for the season.

  4. You know, I'm convinced that I need to make a trip out there to your neck of the woods this year to catch my catfish on the fly. I don't know if it will ever happen here. I'm confident, though. Man, what a cat! And on a microjig!

  5. Even closer to you, Anthony...there is a small lake in Omaha that has some HUGE catfish. I've never fished it, but know a guy that used to flyfish it frequently. He caught some truly HUGE catfish in there. I don't recall the name of the lake, you'll have to do your homework. I do know they have fish feeders on the lake, which is why the catfish are so easy to catch, and why they get so big.

    I'm just getting lucky...I generally catch maybe 10-14 catfish on flies every year, but many of them are fairly large.