Monday, December 3, 2012

Flyfishing in central Iowa!!!

It isn't often we get to flyfish in December, here in central Iowa!  I flyfished a nearby lake from Noon to 4:30pm on Saturday, December 1.  Action was very slow.

The ones that did strike were still very aggressive about it and fought well.  I managed to land 12 Rainbow Trout.  A guy using spinning gear stopped to talk for a bit... Said he'd caught 6. I didn't see any of those get caught, however.  He was interested in my flyfishing, and said he'd bought a fly rod, but was sort of intimidated by it.  He thought he might bring out the next day and give it a try.

I tried a lot of different flies, but kept coming back to the one that really worked... The "Chili Pepper".

Here's some pics:

This next one was bizarre, in that it was a really dark color, lots of purple.  Was this just a melanistic Rainbow Trout, or spawning colors, or....?  Ever seen one like this?

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