Friday, November 16, 2012

Lunchtime Flyfishing, 11-16-2012

Rather than chase those nice crappies again today during lunch today, I flyfished another public pond instead.
It was slow going, but the Bluegills were decent.  Several shook free partway in. I used the same setup as yesterday.  I landed 8 Bluegills.  This pond is looking good as a potential spot for ice-fishing this winter.


  1. Dave
    Nice gills especially this time of the year--what was the pattern

  2. Bill, the fishing pattern was casting from shore to the edges of vertical tree structures. I was fishing with a 1/80th oz microjig set about 3' below an indicator. The microjig was tied with grizzly marabou tail and olive glimmer chenille body.

  3. Its good blog I ever read,the pictures are amazing,Its wiil be every ones dream place for fishing at weekends.