Monday, September 17, 2012

Fly Rod Grass Carp FAIL, 9-16-2012

I was able to squeeze in 1 hour of flyfishing (after driving time) this weekend.  I fished a public pond about a 40 minute drive from home.

I started out flyfishing for panfish.  I caught 2 Bluegills and a Largemouth Bass.  Then this 9" Hybrid Sunfish hit.  What a fight, and what a beast!  All fish were caught on a #8 yellow Boa Yarn Leech.

I had seen a few Grass Carp swim by in the shallows.  One nosed up to the surface  to touch my floating fly line.  I tried dropping flies ahead of them, and they showed slight interest, but mainly they just continued swimming on their way.  So, I tied on a ""-style deer hair pellet fly.  I tossed it out and soon had a (previously invisible) grass carp come up and check it out.  It nosed the fly, but then swam away.  A few casts later, another Grass Carp (that I had not seen before) came up and nosed it, then tried to suck it in, missed, and then tried to suck it in again.  I watched the fly disappear into its mouth.  I set the hook, the fish thrashed its head, and my 2x tippet snapped....with a sound like a pellet gun firing.  CRACK!

DANG IT!  I have hunted Grass Carp more diligently this year than ever before.  With complete failures too numerous to count at this point, I still have hooked more grass carp this year than ever before (including a couple years ago when I actually landed 3 Grass Carp!).  I've even had some pretty good fights.  But I haven't landed ANY of them this year!  I know my 5wt is not matched to such a task...but I also know Grass Carp CAN be landed on it, because I've done it before!  Ug.  Another miss.  But this one was especially exciting because I actually got to see the fish come up and suck in that fly.  THAT is a first in my Grass Carp experiences.  It will be a confidence builder for future situations, at least, knowing they will come up and hit this style of fly.


  1. Dave- Great post. What a sunfish! As to the Grass Carp, man I sypathize with you on that. I am jealous that you have caught some previously. They are on my to do list. Best I have done is hook one for about 15 seconds. Keep at it and I will have to check out that fly on the Missouri website. Best of luck in future endeavors at that pond.

  2. Sounds like my lifetime experience with the grass carp, the 5 or so I have hooked have all stayed on for a combined 20 seconds between them all! I guess we just have to keep at it!

  3. You're doing really well, Patrick, if you've been able to set the hook on 5 Grassies!