Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fishing Report, 5-12-2012

I had my kids' Piano Recitals in the morning, then drove my wife to airport.  After i got home, I fed the kids some lunch, and then called Jay to see if he wanted to do some fishing.  We decided on Saylorville Lake.  On a weekend when the weather was nice???  Since we'd be fishing from shore, we decided to hit some spots that would not likely be swarming with bucketeers.  Did see a lot of boats fishing around the jetties!  We stayed far away from such popular and obvious spots.

We fished from about 2:30pm to 8:00pm.  We ended up fishing 3 locations, caught fish at the first two.  The third location was a waste of time, so we returned to our first location and fished more.

I used spinning gear and fly-fishing gear, and caught fish on both.  Unfortunately, I left my camera by the door when I walked out of the house.

I caught 7 species, all on lures/flies:
-3 Wipers (14"-16")
-6 White Bass (mostly 12-13" range)
-1 Smallmouth Bass (14")
-6 Largemouth Bass (12" and smaller)
-6 Crappies (12" and smaller, lost several others)
-2 Bluegills (8" and smaller)
-4 Green Sunfish (7" and smaller)

There's no mistaking when you hook a wiper...its zero-to-60 mph INSTANTANEOUSLY!

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