Monday, April 30, 2012

Lunchtime Fly-Fishing Report, 4-30-2012

Today is overcast, 59degrees F, and fairly calm.  Pretty nice weather, really.  It is supposed to get sunny in the afternoon and warm up.  You get what you get when you fish during lunchtime...there's no waiting for the weather to change.

As long as it isn't too windy or below freezing, I'm ok with most any kind of weather for fly-fishing.

Caught mostly Bluegills.  A few had excellent colors, including this first picture, in which the sunfish's breast was such a deep, bright orange...I don't think the photo does it justice.

This was a good-looking fish as well:

I also caught a few Green Sunfish.  This monster measured 8.5"!!!!

I had hoped to get a glimpse of grass carp or catfish, but didn't see any.  I DID see quite a few tadpoles gulping air periodically at the surface out towards the middle of the pond, and I saw a decent number of large bullfrogs.  This is all indicative of a POOR bass population at the pond.

As I was walking around the pond to leave, I spotted this Painted Turtle rooting around in the water right next to shore.  I took his picture, and he remained oblivious to my presence.


  1. I love that green sunfish. We should get a blogger ring contest going to who can catch the biggest is year. 8.5 is so big for that species.

  2. That one makes my hand look small! Its a good fish for a contest...they are fairly common, easy to catch once you find them...but they don't usually get very big. I've been catching some big ones this year...from 7.5"-8.5". This 8.5-incher was a full 1/2 inch longer than my previous big one. I hope they continue to grow...I'd love to see them hit at least 10"!!

  3. I enjoy the lunch time reports. Some greens my boys caught in SD were that large, I remember that they took them on a #4 and 6 zonker I'd tied, of course I did not realize how unusually large they were. By the way, on a trip 2 days ago to a river in spate, and muddy, one boy, now grown, took his first channel on a swung #4 Conehead Woolly Bugger we guess at 5lb. Wild fight in heavy current. My boys provide lots of angling enjoyment for this Dad.


  4. Wow.. That is a big greenie! Probably was close to a record!