Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunchtime Limit, 3-5-2012

This past Saturday was COLD and WINDY (30mph winds).

Sunday wasn't as windy, but still cold (27 degrees F).  I squeezed in about 45 minutes of fly-fishing at a nearby lake that had been stocked with trout.  Ice was starting to form along the edges of the shoreline, and it was snowing.  I managed to catch just one trout, but that was better than not catching anything.

On Monday...WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES!  It was sunny!  Air temp had reached 37 or 38 degrees F by noon, and wind was from the SSE at around 12mph.  During my lunch hour, I drove back to this same lake to try fly-fishing for trout again.  When I arrived, 95% of the lake was covered with ice.  In fact the only open water was a 30' wide strip along the west shoreline.  There were a half-dozen anglers with spinning gear fishing the open stretch.

I used the same olive-and-black beadhead woolly bugger that had been catching trout for me last week and over the weekend.  I started fishing near the south end of the open water since it was furthest from the other anglers. I didn't have a lot of hope of catching much.  And it started pretty slow, but I finished strong and managed to catch (and release) my 5-fish trout limit in about 30 minutes of fishing.  During that time, I saw one of the guys with spinning gear land a fish that appeared to be a trout.  I did also see a few other trout that I didn't catch.  A couple of them were pretty dark, but I wasn't able to verify whether they were Brook Trout or Rainbows.  I saved time by only taking pictures of one of the trout today.

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