Monday, February 20, 2012

Twist on a Crayfish Fly Pattern

I was watching a Barry Reynolds video on YouTube about fly-fishing for carp.
One of the patterns he likes is Dave Whitlock's NearNuff Crayfish.
That's a great-looking pattern.  In searching for the tying instructions for that, I stumbled across Davy McPhail's carp-crayfish pattern video:

I liked Davy McPhail's pattern in that it didn't bother with claws.  Studies have shown fish will attack a crayfish without claws before striking one with claws.  I made this pattern even easier by omitting the eyes.

I think this is a good-looking pattern as well, is VERY easy to tie, and stands up nicely.  I tied these on size 8 and 6 hooks.  I can't wait to try it on some fish once the ice melts off the local waters!

Another crayfish pattern, the Foxee Red Clouser, also looks really good.  I've tied some, but haven't put them in front of fish yet.


  1. Nice looking flies....I fish some very similar patterns for the carp around my home waters and have decent success with them.

  2. Nice flies Dave! don't see how any self respecting fish could pass those up. Well done on the omissions as that stuff is totally unnecessary on that fly IMO, although I am a fan of split claws (typically fox colored squirrel tail) and I rarely hackle, but I might have to give your pattern a try, it looks real fishy.

  3. Look up a Carp Carrot. I've still not had much sucess in landing one but the pattern works. Good looking bugs!