Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fly-Tying, Early January 2012

Ug.  I haven't fished since November.  Due to an unforseeable and lingering series of unfortunate events (weather), I've been in the "no man's land" of fishing.  That is the period when the area lakes have frozen over, but the ice isn't thick enough to safely fish on/through.  Normally that period last 2-3 weeks.  This year it has lasted for about 7 weeks.  It appears to be nearly over, as the ice is finally getting thick enough...but then again, there are some 40-50 degree days being forecast in a few days, which might prolong this fishless spell.
What's an angler to do?  Thank goodness for fly-fishing and fly-tying!  No, I can't fly-fish right now, but I can tie up fly patterns that I will be able to use in the coming open-water season AND I can tie some fly patterns or "lures" that I will be able to use for ice-fishing.

I don't have the time or attention span to sit and tie a handful of one fly pattern.  Which is unfortunate, since I hear that is the best way to get GOOD at tying that particular pattern.  This explains a lot.  But the gist of this is that I tie one nymph here, then a streamer there, then a foam topwater, then a bass bug, then a softhackle wet fly, get the picture?

Here's a small sample of some of the things I've in the past few weeks or so (pardon the hodge-podge disorganization):

Morrish's Anato-May

Some generic BH nymphs for ice-fishing (or open water)

Craft Fur Thunder Creek Minnow

Rick Zeiger's Goldie Jr variants

Muddler Minnow

Deer Hair Bass Popper

Goldie Jr's (silver)


Muddle May

Generic Soft Hackle

UV Nymph

Craven's Gonga

Misc. Streamers

Ice Flies!

More ice flies

Craft Fur Clousers for Bass

Wiggle Worm variants

Calftail Wing Streamer

Fox fur Streamer

Deer Hair Bass Popper

Rootbeer Diamond Braid nymph

Unweighted flies for ice-fishing "Michigan Rig" style


  1. Dave
    Awesome group of flies--looks like you are ready for the up coming season. Great Post

  2. Amazing flies, looks like your ready for Spring. :)