Thursday, September 1, 2011

Praying Mantises & Hummingbirds 8-31-2011

Have I mentioned Hummingbirds are a tough challenge for me to take a picture of?  I don't have a fancy camera, and I usually see them in the evenings when the light isn't the best for picture-taking.  The zoom on my camera isn't particularly impressive.  Its still fun to try anyway.
Here's what I've gotten in the past week (mostly last night):
 The ones below were from last night.  This Hummingbird popped up from the other side of the fence, then stopped about 5' away and hovered...looking at me.  (This is the 2nd time this summer this has happened, and both times I was holding a camera, but not ready to take a shot!)  I suppose he wondered if I was a threat or not.  Apparently only a slight threat...he went down the fenceline a ways, started feeding on the flowers and worked his way back towards me.

 The reason I was out in the backyard with a camera in the first place was because I had seen this dark brown mantis with green legs, and I wanted to photograph it.
Bath time...

He's looking RIGHT AT ME!

  Below is the 2nd Mantis I saw.
Cool silhouette.

It was light brown with wings.
 Then I saw movement, looked over and saw a 3rd Praying Mantis.  The movement was that it just caught a bee/wasp, and was starting to feed on it.  It was green with wings.

All of this happened in probably 20 minutes...and in that time, I had been standing in just one spot!

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