Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I fly-fished a local public pond during lunch today. It was cloudy, cool and very WINDY. I managed to catch 5 bluegills. This time of year, larger subsurface patterns seem to get the attention of the bluegills. I started out with a black Woolly Bugger. I caught several 'gills on that.

I then switched to a microjig under an indicator. I caught one or two more bluegills on that, but the fish were smaller.

Around 7pm I had a chance to get back out and fly-fish another local public pond for an hour.  It was drizzling, windy, and getting dark early (thanks to the cloud cover).  I tried the microjig first, and caught 2 or 3 decent bluegills on it.  I put an indicator above the microjig and tried that for awhile, but didn't catch much except for a feisty 12" Largemouth Bass.  I switched back to the unweighted black Woolly Bugger, and caught several more nice bluegills. 

The fish seemed to be near shallow flats, probably hunting whatever aquatic insects were jarred loose by the waves and current.


  1. Dave
    I like the type bugger you are using there, and to land those gills this time of the year is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill! Black has never been a favorite color of mine...but there are times when it is THE color the fish want! And Woolly Buggers? If you could only use ONE fly....it might be THE one most people would pick. Right?