Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring Break 2011 didn't take us as far from home as did the previous few years.  This year, we went to Minnesota.

We snow-skied at Welch Village, which was very fun (I'm still sore).  We had great weather for that....temperatures were in the 50's!  Unfortunately, a skier died while we were there, he apparently collided with a guard post or chairlift pole.


We also stayed at the Radisson in Minneapolis across the street from the Mall of America.  The rooms were REALLY COOL!
That hotel houses America's largest indoor water park, which was really fun.  In addition to the "Lazy River" and wave pool, there are a bunch of "water slide" options, including one where your whole family can sit in a big raft and go down together.  Carson did the "FlowRider", and was really good at it.  He only finally crashed when he attempted a fancy "barrel roll" on the board.
At the Mall of America, Carson visited the LEGO store.  This cool "lego" artwork was on the wall outside the shop:

And we also visited "America's Largest Underground Aquarium" that is an attraction at the Mall of America.  I took a bunch of photos & videos there, but the low light and my ineptitude with a camera left me with mostly blurry pictures.  But I'll share some of them anyway.  Just know there are LOTS more!  :)

Imagine if THESE were the last thing you ever saw!

 This shark and turtle were headed right for each other, then both freaked and turned away.  I got it on video, but this is just a picture from AFTER the meeting.
 The saltwater tanks were COOL!

But I have a soft spot for the freshwater fish.  The North American fish are fun to see:
Alligator Gar

And the South American fish are every bit as impressive.
Especially the big Arapaima:

The hump-headed male "Red Devil"

 This may be a "Tiger Shovelnose" catfish?

Anyway, that's our Spring Break 2011 in a nutshell.

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  1. Dave
    You know how this trip is going to make all of us bloggers jealous.