Monday, September 13, 2010

New Species for Me!

I went fly-fishing last night to a local public pond I've fished many many times in the last few years.  I sometimes think I just might know every fish in there by name!  It is a city-owned pond, and was originally stocked in about 2003 with Largemouth Bass, Crappies, Bluegills, and Channel Catfish.  That's all I've ever caught from there.
Last night I caught a 9.5" sunfish (a good 1.5" bigger than any bluegill I've caught there!), that is either a Redear Sunfish, or a hybrid Redear Sunfish x Bluegill.  Either way, its a new fish species for me!  I was excited!  I caught it on a yellow Boa Yarn Leech.  I also caught 5 crappies, 4 bluegills, and two tiny largemouth bass.
Here's the new fish:

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