Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch-Time Fishing Report 9/8/2010

I went fishing (just now) during my lunch-hour to a local public pond. I haven’t been there for a long time. Its the one that all the BIG bluegills got harvested out of a year or two back. There was some good catfish in there too, as well as a few jumbo grass carp.

What I saw today was reasonably clear water, TONS of algae ringing the pond, extending even further out than I've ever seen before, although there was a 10' gap between shore and the algae mats, so it looks like maybe some effort was made to "rake in" the stuff close to shore?

I did see some decent, but not HUGE, bass, some smallish bluegills, and a couple of very small grass carp (must have been stocked this year). I actually got the grass carp to take a few looks at one floating fly, but they didn't hit, and finally left the area.

I did catch a 13" bass on a #8 Sparrow variation, and small bluegill on a rubber legged beadchain-eye nymph.

Check out the ducks in the background...they weren't scared of me at all!

And even small bluegills can be VERY colorful!


  1. Hi Dave
    The algae you are refering to will most likey take over the majority of the pond, It can grow in depths of 8 ft. in clear water. I have seen it take a small pond completely over. Nice catch.