Monday, August 16, 2010

More Backyard Bugs - Aug. 15th, 2010

Here's some more critter-pics I took over the last week:

Common Buckeye Butterfly

Japanese Beetle (and ant)


Viceroy Butterfly (its a Monarch "mimic")

Painted Lady Butterfly

Yikes!  Creepy spider!

And the following are pics I took in low light of a fast-moving White-Lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth.  None of the pictures are that good, but still sort of interesting:


  1. Dave
    I see nothing wrong with any of these pics. The butterflies are awesome, with the color outstanding. I am still working on getting use to my camera and all the settings. Great post.

  2. Thanks Bill!
    I was impressed my little handheld digital camera was able to catch anything of that moth.
    The low light meant the shutter would be open longer, adding to the wing blur...and also I didn't use a tripod, which would certainly have prevented the background blurring/smudging. Even so...I really enjoy my camera!