Friday, June 4, 2010

Interesting evening - 6/3/2010

After the most excellent Central Iowa Anglers meeting last night, my buddy Jay and I headed out to Saylorville Lake to practice casting...and hopefully get lucky and catch something.  When we got there, the wind was blowing pretty strong into shore.  We decided to use spinning gear, and left the fly gear in the car.

Short story is, Jay caught a white bass... I caught a white bass, walleye, and freshwater drum.

Longer story we were fishing along the shore, I found this nice arrowhead!
Although I often look a bit when fishing out there, this is the first time I've actually found anything worth picking up.  I'm still pretty excited about the find.

Ok...back to the fishing. It was SLOW. I threw up on a shallow flat that was maybe 3' deep, and eventually had a huge hit. It was peeling line and fighting well, shaking its head....I figured it was a good catfish. But it was a 26" Freshwater Drum, the biggest I've ever landed.

Big mouth on this dude...and it easily sucked in the MFBB:

Wasn't much long after that, and I landed the walleye. We didn't measure it, Jay guessed it at 14", I was gonna guess 15". Didn't matter, he went back in the lake too.

And now I don't remember who caught the first white bass. The one I caught was probably 11"...and surprisingly fat and healthy-looking. Actually, we looked at it pretty hard to figure out if it was a white or wiper...and we just weren't sure. To our eyes, it had features of both.
Didn't take a picture of that fish.

We left before it got dark.

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