Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Night Fly-Fishing, April 12, 2010

I fly-fished last night (4-12-2010) from 9pm until 10:45pm. I landed 21 crappies, biggest was 10.5”. Also landed 2 rather small bluegills, and a 15.5” bass. The bass was STRONG! Once again, I was REALLY hoping it was a catfish…but at the same time, I was wondering if I’d snagged the darn muskrat that swims around the pond every night.

It hit near a drop-off, and then made a bee-line for deep water. Then about a 2 second pause, and then another stronger burst of strength that took all the line I had stripped in, and then started taking more off the reel! That was exciting, because I don’t often get fish strong enough to do that. I did have some crappies last night that took line from my hand, but not much.

Anyway, so I actually got to “fight the fish on the reel”, which I almost never get to do. I reeled in as fast as I could (the fish seemed to be coming back right at me at that point), and then once the bass got up into the shallow water and started running again, I worked it in with the line for the last 10’-15’.

All fish were caught on a yellow boa yarn leech.

No camera! So I used my cell-phone camera, which is HORRIBLE. Still, one with a somewhat skewed perspective might call these pictures “artsy”, in a dark and unfocused sort of way.

15.5" Largemouth Bass

10.5" Crappie

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