Friday, March 26, 2010

Got skunked during lunch yesterday, but had about 35 minutes to fish yesterday evening. I hit a pond in Urbandale with my fly rod. First 25 minutes I had no hits, saw one follow. I fished the spots that usually produce well for me.

I move further around the pond for my final 10 minutes of fishing, and finally found some fish. I caught 7 bluegills, and missed/lost several others.

Here's my first open-water (local) and first fly rod fish of 2010! It wasn't the biggest of the day, but it was THE FIRST.

It was also the first fish on some new gear I'd gotten over the winter.

After looking at the pictures of this fish again, I noticed the opercle is mostly GREENISH-colored. I have pictures from both sides of the fish, and they both looked like this. Seems odd.  Maybe this is normal on small/young bluegills...

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