Monday, January 18, 2010

Pond in Ankeny
10" ice thickness
Fish sought: crappies
Fish caught: 17 crappies, 2 bluegills

Got out Friday night. First 2 hours were pretty steady, last 2 hours weren't very productive...plenty of fish showing up, but they just wanted to annoy me, rather than feed. I was too comfy and lazy to move at that point. Figured the attitude of the fish would be the same everywhere on the pond anyway. It was still fun!
I used a BFGS special vertical-style jig tipped with a couple red maggots.
This pond is about 15' deep, but I fished holes in 5', 7', and 9' depths, and caught fish in each. I moved deeper as the evening progressed, which actually seems counter-intuitive. But I started shallow, so I only had one direction to go, really.
The fish weren't big, but I'm not complaining:

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