Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Fly Patterns Tied-Up

Here's some more fly patterns I've been tying lately:

This is a lead-eye zonker bass worm pattern:

This is another lead-eye bass worm pattern using very thick chenille:
This is a Craft Fur Baitfish pattern, tied behind a beadhead:
This is a very different-looking Craft Fur minnow pattern...this is small...Size 10 hook:

Here's a Scud (aka Freshwater Shrimp) pattern...thought it also might work good for ice-fishing:

Speaking of ice-fishing, I tied up the next two patterns on 1/64 oz jigheads. The rabbit fur moves very well in water, and I hope this will entice some finicky fish into biting.


  1. i dont know how you do it! i like the purple one! thanks again for mine!!! :)

  2. USE them well! :o)
    Let me know when you are ready to learn. I have little doubt that you could tie better than I can!

  3. The "bass worm pattern using very thick chenille" is a "Shannon's Worm" which is variation of the "Shannon Streamer" both of which I believe were originated by Rich McElligott:


    Like your blog...