Monday, November 23, 2009

Some flies I've been tying lately...

I've been tying more flies lately, so I thought I'd share some of the patterns that are working for me...or that I HOPE will work for me.

This is an "Epoxy and Mink Baitfish" pattern, but I used neither epoxy nor mink. The fur strip is Pine Squirrel.

These are excellent bluegill topwater flies tied using sheet foam...called "Gurglers":

Below is a Clouser Deep Minnow...this is a small version tied on a #10 hook and using Craft Fur instead of bucktail. I think the craft fur is a better choice on Clousers this small. I've been doing VERY well with these lately on bluegills and hybrid sunfish:

Below is a Stayner Ducktail pattern. The mallard flank feather is tied flat on the back...which is supposed to give it great action as is slowly sinks, and when it is retrieved. I haven't fished this pattern yet, but it looks pretty good:

This is called a Rabbit Fly. Rabbit fur tail and wing/thorax, dubbed body, and peacock herl head.

This is basically a Pine Squirrel Cheater, although I added some soft hackle near the eye of the hook.

Some EP-style baitfish

A crayfish pattern:

A zonker (rabbit strip) minnow pattern tied with a heavy conehead:

Some examples of the Boa Yarn Leech patterns that have caught a BUNCH of fish for me this year:


  1. Found this while doing a google search for the boa yarn leech, then realized I know you on the FAOL BB. Great pics on your blog. Anyways do you mind me asking where you get the yellow boa yarn? I have only been able to find black. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Brandon! FAOL is a great site!

    I've done a little research to find companies that manufacture the boa yarn (some companies call it eyelash yarn, but beware, not all eyelash yarns are what you want!). I have that info, which will then help you do on-line searches more effectively to find retail sources for the material. I will try to post the PDF file here, but not sure if I can. If not, drop me a note here or on FAOL with your e-mail address, and I will send you this information.

  3. Follow up:
    Brandon...I just tried to post that info, but I can't attach a PDF, and breaking it all down to upload it would be time-consuming. Shoot me your e-mail address, and I'll send you the info I've gathered regarding Boa Yarn manufacturers.

  4. Dave...sorry it took me so long to get back, we were out of town for Thanksgiving. Email is Thanks for the info!

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